Superfan and first-team coach team up for Diabetes Awareness Month

Young Killie superfan Lochlan Murdoch has starred in a podcast which aims to educate individuals about both the physical and mental impact of living with diabetes at a young age.

In 2020, Lochlan set up his very own charity, ‘Lochlan’s Legacy’, to raise awareness of the challenges faced by young people living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). He has since proudly advocated the club on his journey to deliver education about T1D, ensuring that those in similar situations are able to manage their condition and enjoy sport like any other youngster.

Raising awareness of Diabetes Awareness Month, 14-year-old Lochlan and his mother Lesley sat down at Rugby Park to discuss a number of topics surrounding diabetes and the unexpected impact Kilmarnock FC had on the teenager’s journey.

Speaking to the host, Sam Quek, Lesley Murdoch commented: “Lochlan fell in love with Kilmarnock FC when he went to the mini kickers programme at Rugby Park. He got to play where the team play on a Saturday; that was his introduction to football. He had gone to a session and knew that Kilmarnock were playing that day. He Said: Mum, can we stay? From that day, I don’t think he’s ever wanted to leave Rugby Park.

“Having a 4-year-old child with Diabetes and going to a club like Kilmarnock where the coaches asked questions like: How do we support Lochlan. That has stuck with me forever and you don’t get that everywhere. From day one of him attending, they have been on board and supported as much as they can. Even to this day they still have supplies in the office in case Lochlan needs them while he’s at a game, which is incredible.”

Lochlan was also joined on the podcast by his former coach Craig Clark – now Kilmarnock FC’s First-Team Technical Coach – who shared his personal experience of working alongside individuals with T1D. You can listen to the full podcast – HERE.