Killie’s Walk & Talkers meet Ayr Strollers

On Wednesday 20th March, the Ayr Strollers, a walking group organised by Ayr United Football Academy, visited Rugby Park in Kilmarnock to join Killie’s Walk & Talk’s scenic stroll.

The event highlighted an important goal of both charities: to bring individuals together to improve both their physical and mental health.

Every Wednesday afternoon, Killie’s Walk and Talk invites individuals of all ages, stages, and backgrounds to their weekly walking group where they explore different areas of Kilmarnock via a leisurely stroll with a chat along the way.

This is just one free weekly initiative that The Killie Community offers to members of the public.

A lap of the pitch at Rugby Park was the first location point on the walk, before moving on to a quiet country road, which continued through a housing estate, emerging onto Dundonald Road and back to the stadium.

Walkers then enjoyed a well-deserved bite to eat, refreshments and more conversations at Killie’s Get Together at the Champions’ Lounge at Rugby Park.

Lindsay Johnson, Walking Development Officer at Thriving Communities, said: “I had the pleasure of walking with one of the Strollers: Billy Craig, aged 95, an ex professional footballer who played for Celtic in the mid-50s.

“Billy and I thoroughly enjoyed the route, getting to see a different part of Kilmarnock than we had seen before.

“Getting to walk round the pitch was a great moment and being part of the group felt momentous. The warm welcome with great food after was the perfect touch.”

Lawrie, a regular at Killie’s Walk & Talk said: “The walks are very enjoyable, it’s good to get out and to meet and talk to new people. It’s good to talk.”

Jye McCormick, Community Coach at The Killie Community commented: “The walk highlighted a really powerful message: fans of rivals as big as Killie and Ayr can cross the divide, symbolising unity across communities.”

Roesheen also shared her experience: “My husband and I look forward to our Wednesday walk around Kilmarnock evert week, meeting new people and fresh air. You can’t beat it.

“Coffee and chat afterwards are an added bonus. The Killie Community do so much for the community. It was a nice opportunity to meet new people from Ayr on the walk – it was such a good idea”.

If you’d like to attend Killie’s Walk & Talk one Wednesday afternoon, simply meet our Community team and trained walk leaders at the Moffat Stand gate at Rugby Park at 1pm on a Wednesday.

Killie’s Get Together also takes place from 2pm-4pm at The Killie Community Hub at Rugby Park, where all are welcome to pop by for some company, refreshments, and a bite to eat.