Hundreds receive heart health check with The Killie Community

In partnership with the NHS and the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, The Killie Community offered their new Community Hub to host free heart health checks for the local community.

The event highlighted the need for these checks locally, as an incredible 710 people were seen on the day. Some of the astonishing stats are outlined below:

  • 157 were found to have raised blood pressure of which they were unaware.
  • 102 fingertip blood tests were carried out, with 11 individuals referred to A&E as their result was sufficiently high.
  • 23 people were found to have an irregular heart rhythm, who were then followed up in the cardiac day unit, with treatment started to prevent a stroke and slow their heart rate down. An ultrasound scan of their heart was also arranged.
  • 3 follow-up assessments including a heart scan in the cardiac unit were made for those who experienced a heart murmur, which can indicate something wrong with heart valves.
  • 63.7 was the average age of those who attended, including 680 individuals over the age of 40, and 487 over the age of 60.

Elizabeth, 74, said: “I struggled to get an appointment with my GP and felt this was a great opportunity to get checked.

I didn’t mind waiting in the queue as I felt this was such an important event to have been organised, and I didn’t want to miss out.”