KTV testing for Season Pass holders on August 4 + 7

We can now provide a further update over planned Killie TV testing for Season Pass holders.

Our partners Stream Digital have confirmed that supporters with a 2020/21 Season Pass will be able to test our revamped Killie TV site, which will launch next week.

The test will make sure users can log in and view a video on Tuesday, August 4 and the test will run from 3-8pm.

We will do a second test on Friday, August 7 from 1-3pm.

For Season Pass holders

Your username is your first name-second name–season ticket reference code (for example john-smith-abcde)

Your password is your season ticket reference code. (NOTE: this is 5 letters e.g. abcde)

If you have more than one season ticket in your family, you will each have your own login details.

New Moffat Family purchases can be bought via email (tickets@kilmarnockfc.co.uk) or phone 01563 545 311 (open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm).

Our season opener v Hibernian

For this weekend’s away match against Hibernian, supporters with a UK or international Killie TV subscription will be able to access our content by visiting our existing Killie TV website and entering the username and password you will have created when buying your subscription.

A reminder that international subscribers will be able to watch Saturday’s match live with dedicated Killie commentary from Gavin Wallace and John Boyd while UK subscribers will receive live audio only with the chance to view a full match replay from 10pm.

An international Killie TV subscription costs £12.99 per month or £129.99 per year.

A UK Killie TV package is £5.99 per month or £59.99 for an annual pass.

Sign up for Killie TV

If you have any questions or issues then please email support@killietv.co.uk where the enhanced customer services team at Stream Digital can help you.

What devices can I use to access Killie TV?

Killie TV is available to watch on desktop computers, laptops, iPads, smart phones, and android devices.

  • You must ensure that your internet browsers are up to date and that JavaScript has been enabled. The recommended browsers for accessing Killie TV are Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Other browsers are available and may work but are unsupported by Killie TV.
  • Unfortunately, Killie TV is not supported on games consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, and may not work on smart televisions. This is due to smart televisions browser not having JavaScript fully enabled.
  • If you wish to watch Killie TV through your television, we recommend connecting your device to the TV using an HDMI cable.
  • The quality of your Killie TV stream will be dependent on the strength and speed of your internet. For the best results we recommend using an internet speed of at least 5Mbps. You can check this by contacting your internet service provider.
  • In order to get the best Killie TV stream, you should close any other content such as tabs and programmes whilst watching your stream, as well as disabling ad-blocking software you may have.