McInnes: result against top two an ‘itch we need to scratch’

Derek McInnes believes that landing a blow on the opening day of the season would continue to boost confidence around Rugby Park, as he admits that getting results against Glasgow clubs is an “itch that we need to scratch.”

Previewing the 2023/24 cinch Premiership opener, the manager said: “I think it’s a great opening fixture for us. We beat every team in the Premiership last season, except Rangers and Celtic, so we know what we’re capable of. We’ve also got to demonstrate a capability of getting results against the top two teams. It’s important that we have the confidence, personality and assurance on Saturday to do exactly that. It’s an itch that we need to scratch.

“We found that we managed to win the fight with teams around us last season, particularly at home. We expect a tough game on Saturday and it’s important Rangers get that as well. There is no doubt that if you can land a blow on Rangers or Celtic at any point in the season you can get a lot of benefit from that. It’s still one point for a draw and three points for a win, but in terms of confidence it can do no harm at all.

“You’ve got to do a lot of things right in the game and that’s the test for us and other clubs this season. You’re never going to bridge the gap financially – it’s impossible – but you can hopefully bridge the gap over a 90-minute game.”

You can watch the full press conference – HERE.

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