Kilmarnock v Celtic: Key stadium information

It is our first home match of the 2020/21 season and things are very different from a regular game at Rugby Park.

Due to continuing Coronavirus regulations, no fans will be permitted in the stadium but there will be coverage of the match through Killie TV and Sky Sports.

As part of our protocols, the stadium will be in lockdown mode three-and-a-half hours before the 4.30pm kick off.

This means the Rugby Road gates will be closed to members of the public from 1pm until 8pm.

There will also be restricted movement in place from the Dundonald Road entrance. There will still be access to The Park Hotel.

The Killie Shop and The Killie Club will also be closed all day.

How can I watch the match?

Season Pass holders and international Killie TV subscribers can watch the match through Killie TV with coverage starting at 4.15pm ahead of the 4.30pm kick off.

Anyone who buys a Season Pass before 5pm on Friday, August 7 will be able to log in and watch the match.

For Season Pass holders

Log in to Killie TV

Your username is your first name-second name–season ticket reference code (for example john-smith-abcde)

Your password is your season ticket reference code. (NOTE: this is 5 letters e.g. abcde)

If you have more than one season ticket in your family, you will each have your own login details.

You can read a full FAQs now

International subscribers will be able to access our content by visiting our existing Killie TV website and entering the username and password you will have created when buying your subscription.

If you have any questions or issues then please email where the enhanced customer services team at Stream Digital can help you.

The match is also being shown live on Sky Sports.