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Killie Kickers (3-5 years old) allows children to enter the game of football from the age of three.

Each session is designed to be fun, interactive and will improve confidence, balance, foot-eye coordination and hand-eye coordination. Young people develop and progress their core skills with Killie coaches, such as passing, dribbling and shooting whilst also improving their ‘ABC’s – agility, balance & co-ordination.

The sessions will encourage children to learn through play but also trial and error. Our coaches use various themes such as Disney, pirates, dinosaurs and favourite football players to maximise youngsters engagement throughout the 45-minute sessions.

Killie Kids 2

Killie Kids (5-12 years old) is the next step in the development pathway for local youngsters with Kilmarnock FC.

Whether you are looking to join a team, need extra sessions, or just want to make new friends: Killie Kids is the place for you. From beginners to experienced players, we provide structured sessions to help each individual become more confident.

Killie Community coaches introduce new skills such as more progressive SAQs (speed, agility and quickness) drills and the importance of having a ball at your feet. Sessions focus on developing each individual player to equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to make better in-game decisions, leading to improved performances. Our coaches are UEFA qualified and ensure sessions are fun, challenging and inclusive.

If you would like to sign up for Killie Kids or Killie Kickers, please choose your preferred class below. Contact if any issues