Disney Playmakers with Women’s team

Killie’s Disney Playmakers is a programme for girls aged 5-8, inviting them to step into the magical world of Disney as they take the first step on their football journey with Killie.

10 sessions focusing on a Disney film, creating an environment where imaginations can run wild as a story is told through movement and play.

Across the 10 week programme, girls will play out epic scenes and take on the roles of some of the best-loved characters of all time; empowering them to be healthy and strong, make friends, build confidence and learn new skills for football and life.

Playmakers brings together the latest research on the benefits of play-based learning and the magical power of Disney storytelling to deliver:
  • Friendships – A safe and fun environment to play and make new friends
  • Health & confidence – Getting girls active using play, football and their best-loved Disney characters
  • Life skills – Inspiring and engaging activity designed to build life skills
  • A love of football! – Inspiring a love of football through play and Disney storytelling

Our programme has inspired 80% of young girls to continue playing and join a local team.