The best of Killie kit day

The Killie family came together to honour the 55th anniversary of our 1965 league-winning heroes in style.

An amazing response to our social media event with The Killie Trust saw hundreds of fans send in their snaps and help us feel a little connected at this time.

You can take part by sending your picture to @TrustinKillie and use #killiekit

Here are a selection of the snaps starting off with title-winning goalkeeper Bobby Ferguson

Check out this family snap all the way from New Zealand

Generations of Killie right here

You’ve got to teach them young

Even before they can walk

Some top Killie wall art on show

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

What a selection! And keeping them in top condition is key

Brilliant collection

We love to see a Cup-winning captain get involved

A word from our sponsors

Good effort Kevin

No sibling rivalry here. All about the Mighty Ayrshire Killie

Key lockdown supplies

Passing the passion down

Dunblane Killie SC representing

Thanks for sharing with us, Craig

Classic shirt! Great choice Taylor

The star of this season’s Season Ticket video is looking chilled

Strut well on your Government-approved walk, Ally

Great picture, Zoe!

Well done folks

What about this snazzy number

They are right, any kit goes

Lovely picture and great sentiment

Participation including pet cameos are strongly encouraged

What a collection Donald has

What a move Fiona

Commitment to the scarf! Well played David

Stay well in the Big County, good sir

Too right Jim

Now that is a good room. Nice one Sam and Taylor

Say YES to the dress

You know we own those streets

Keep the dream alive, Charlie

We do enjoy our trips to Gorgie, Gregor

Background picture is on point, great shirt choice too

Couldn’t have said it better, John

Love derby days

Co-ordination is key

What an era, Alistair

Future baller

So cute

Just bella, bella

How we wish we were all there

Wave that flag proudly

A real family portrait

And with Nutz the Squirrel too

Strong stripes and cap combo

Good job Fergus

All the way from Tampa Bay

Now that is an autograph

Good choice Cathy

Back home


Featuring added beach towel

Full of colour

A 90s classic

Rocking this season’s #Killie150 kit

Proving to be a popular choice

Matching is good

Great job

Two top efforts from memorable days

You know it Stuart

A fine era

Great tales

Well done Robert

We miss you too Craig

A new 90s number in here. Great entry folks

Looking super cool, Conor

A nice QTS number right here

Our man with the mic reminds you that TOGETHER…..WE ARE KILLIE

Enjoy the sun, Jordan

Strike a pose

What a great present

Great mix of retro and current

Even the chairs have a Killie theme

Killie games make for great father and daughter time

Resists urge to sing Robbie Williams

Would make a great Zoom background

What a day in Newmilns

We miss this place

Stripes in the sunshine

Make sure you don’t fall in the water, John

Thanks for sending your picture in Neil

Looking good Gaby

Loving the different generations

Great space to kick a ball about

The goalscorer for Kilmarnock is…..

Good job Kieran

Ready for adventure

Wow! Great creativity

Over land and sea

Top tartan

Sporting the strip with pride

Thank you Greg

An old jersey from New Jersey

We do enjoy a flag

Our own Tasmanian devil

It’s 5pm somewhere

It’s Kitman Kev and his lovely family


Excellent choice Iain

Jumping for joy

Oh we know, Derek

All about the community

Us too

A classy hoops number here

A great collector’s item

Classics never go out of fashion

Canada calling

Good modelling Daniel

It is that sir, it is that

Looking comfy Lee

Everyone is welcome to join in

Yes Fow! A man of many numbers

A Killie wall sounds cool

That’s the match programme we spy

It’s time to take a selfie

Great effort

A bit of purple

Great mix in here

Well worth it

Good holiday packing Blair

Those famous names

Pulling it off

A much-loved away kit this one


And hopefully many more

Killie kits must be handled with care

Plenty of time to add to your collection, Peter

The Three Amigos

We’ve had some mix of sponsors

We do like our Oxford Blue

Greetings Peter

We will toast to that Chris