Shortlees kids enjoy spring break with KCST

The KCST (Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust) were again delighted to partner up with Precision Tooling and Shortlees Primary School over the ‘Spring Break’.

The funding from Precision Tooling helped create an action-packed, two-week programme where families came together each day for a variety of events.

The fortnight holiday plan created by Shortlees’ head teacher Wendy Connelly and depute Heather Sabbatini included cinema trips, skiing and snowboarding, visits to historical castles and sports activities at the school as well as a visit by our very own KCST team, where the kids enjoyed some exciting football fun and games in the Hexagol.

More importantly, the programme funded a packed lunch and a fantastic hot meal for every family of the school provided by Chris Walker and his East Ayrshire staff.

Community Engagement Manager Paul Di Giacomo said: “This has been another fine example of the community work currently going on throughout East Ayrshire.

“It allows families to come together and grow closer, as well as improving their lifestyles with healthy warm meals. We are delighted that Precision Tooling invested so much into the programme and delivered many happy smiles at the school.”

Community Support Officer Grant Moore added: “It was so rewarding seeing the kids outside, enjoying a fantastic, well-thought out programme promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

“Every pupil and parent took part and overall it was such a really good community atmosphere”

Paul and the KCST team would like to thank Graeme Ross and Allan Brese of Precision Tooling for funding another community programme and their support is invaluable to the work we do in the local community.

The KCST would also like to thank Shortlees Primary School for assisting with the programme and helping us facilitate our activities.