Safety reminder (pyrotechnics)

Supporter safety is a key priority for all clubs and here at Kilmarnock FC we are committed to ensuring that your matchday experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

One of the main dangers faced by the club on a matchday is pyrotechnics (pyros) and flares.  Supporters are reminded that The BBSP Stadium, Rugby Park has a wooden stand, with pyrotechnics anywhere around close proximity to the stadium regarded as a danger to supporter safety.

The club firmly reminds home and away supporters that use of these items inside the ground is illegal. If even found carrying pyros and flares, you may be subject to a Police Scotland investigation.

Pyros and flares can cause severe burns, damage to hearing, sight loss and breathing difficulties. They can be distressing for some groups, especially those with small children and individuals who may not be agile enough to move away from an activated pyro or flare.

Experience shows that when a pyro is activated amongst a crowd there is often a crowd surge from the area.  This can cause panic and disorientation amongst supporters, resulting in slips, trips and crushing.

These items are a risk factor to you and your fellow supporters and can be life threatening to be around.

If you are found to be in possession or caught on CCTV with such items, you will be excluded from this stadium and potentially, if convicted, excluded from all stadia in Scotland.

Kilmarnock FC may also be subject of a penalty due to your actions.

Thank you for taking note.