Ndaba: Enjoying the physicality of Scottish football

Corrie Ndaba believes that he has learned from each game since moving to Ayrshire, while emphasising that there has been no problem coping with the physical nature of the Scottish Premiership.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, the Irishman said: “I think you learn with every game and every training session. Each game is different, I’ve never played in this league before. It’s a good standard: I’m playing against good players and big teams.

“This league is quite physical and I’m learning from each game. I’m a big lad myself so I don’t mind a physical challenge. Whatever the challenge, I’m improving and getting better. The better the opposition, the better I’ll perform.

“We have everything set up here to stay fit and do well. Stu (Stuart Macfarlane) has us in the mornings for pre-activation and has everything under control, so I’m hoping to stay fit and keep playing.

“We’re a tight knit group with great belief and I feel confident about the team this season. We should be aiming for the sky.

“A lot of football is mental: when you’re confident and believe, you feel that you can do anything. Coming up against big teams, we know that we’re good enough and we’ve shown it already. Anyone we come up against, we believe; especially at home.”

You can listen to the full press conference – HERE.

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