Matchzone: Gartcairn (A)

By Lewis Nicol

After the tightly contested draw against Queen’s Park earlier this month, Killie went into this match with confidence.

However, Gartcairn were up for the challenge and pounced on an early chance in the second minute, meaning that Killie had to fight to get back into the game. They managed to get on the ball more and the game was end-to-end for most of the first half, with plenty of chances for both teams.

Although, despite Killie’s best efforts, the home side managed to double their lead in the 32nd minute and score swiftly after to increase the deficit to 3-0.

Killie managed to relieve the pressure of Gartcairn for the remainder of the half, narrowly missing the opportunity to reduce the home sides lead as Dionne Brown’s effort travelled just wide of the post.

Half-Time: Gartcairn 3-0 Kilmarnock

Even with a slight change in approach, with more long balls over the top, Gartcairn proved a difficult team to break down as they continued their relentless attacks, eventually putting the nail in the coffin in the 69th minute as they scored their fourth of the night.

Missing some key players such as Georgina McTear and Lucie Burns has seemingly had an impact on the squad. Although, Eve Watt and Gemma Rae, who were both brought up from the academy, had great performances when subbed on in the second half. Chapman agreed saying: “We brought another two young kids up from the academy, Gemma Rae and Eve Watt, they came on and did exceptionally well.”

Full-Time: Gartcairn 4-0 Kilmarnock

It was disappointing to lose in the way that they did but Killie remain second on the table and this result will just be extra motivation as they travel to Riverside Stadium to face St Johnstone on Sunday 17 March.