Killie Trust: On Board, In Person: Event 5

All Kilmarnock FC Directors and Head of Football Operations James Fowler gave key updates as part of the Killie Trust’s fifth On Board In Person event.

Taking place over Zoom due to ongoing COVID restrictions, all members expressed their gratitude to the club’s fan base for their incredible support through the pandemic and especially with the weekend fundraiser, which continues to total over £20,000.

Billy Bowie and Phyllis McLeish gave updates on the financial position of the club as we continue to deal with the severe costs associated with this testing period.

James Fowler gave a comprehensive update on all aspects of the football department including the development of our young players, the management of first team contracts, our vision for the future and supporting our players and staff on and off the field.

Cathy Jamieson and Trust chair Jim Thomson detailed a range of projects where the club and Trust have collaborated as well as a planned focus group involving a range of the supporter base to help inform plans around Season Tickets.

You can watch the panel discussion in full