Findlay: We’re determined to show Celtic win wasn’t a one-off

Stuart Findlay has emphasised the squad’s determination to prove that the win against Celtic in August was not a “one-off”, but admits that a completely different challenge lies ahead on Saturday.  

Speaking on Wednesday, the 28-year-old said: “We’re under no illusions, we know it’s going to be a difficult game. I think we’ll be playing a different Celtic to what we faced here earlier in the season, but we’d be silly not to try and take confidence from having beaten them already.

“We were excellent on the day, hopefully we can recreate that and show it wasn’t a one-off result. We know it’s going to be difficult, but we must go in with that mindset.

“We’re going to a massive stadium, and a stadium that I think will have a very good crowd. We just have to go into it professionally, exactly the same way we went into the home game. We have to be hard to beat: we have to be organised. The main thing is to go in with the same belief that got us a result in the cup.

The defender also recalls a memorable last-minute winner against Celtic during his previous spell at the club, but insists that a more recent victory gives him more reason to be confident.

“That was a while ago now, so I’m showing my age a little bit! It was the perfect example of needing to have belief. I remember it being 1-1 in the last minute and we could have easily kept the ball in the corner, but you need to have belief that you can win these games. We’ve shown this season that we can score against Celtic, and we can win the game. That gives me better memories and better belief going into the game than my winner 4/5 years ago.”

Listen to the full press conference – HERE.