Kilmarnock Football Club AGM 2022

The Kilmarnock Football Club Limited will hold our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 via a controlled zoom webinar.

How do I register to attend the AGM?

This year’s AGM will take place via a controlled zoom webinar due to the constraints caused by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. In order to register to attend, shareholders must request access to the Club Secretary, Karen Costello via email on

When will the AGM take place?

This year’s AGM will take place live via zoom at 7pm on Tuesday 8th March 2022.

How will the club communicate the login details?

The login details for the AGM will be sent to registered email addresses who have contacted the club secretary requesting a link to view this. The email will include a link and instruction on how to login to the portal. Please note that is it your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient internet capabilities and access to a laptop, phone or tablet. There will be a live chat function available on the night for anyone requiring support.

How can I submit a question for consideration from the panel?

Questions should be submitted to the Club Secretary before 5pm on Thursday 3rd March 2022 in order to be considered by the panel.

Naturally, we will endeavour to respond to as many questions as we can, however shareholders are reminded that they can contact the Club Secretary following the AGM if they feel they need clarification on any points discussed.

How will we manage nominated persons for resolutions?

If you are happy to be nominated as a shareholder who will first and second any motions, please notify the Club Secretary and we will make the panel aware of the shortlist on the evening.

Who will be speaking at the AGM?

Each director will discuss key topics relating to their main areas of responsibility while Head of Football Operations James Fowler and Manager Derek McInnes will also speak about matters relating to the playing side at the club.

Who do I contact with general question or a request for support?

Please contact the Club Secretary in the first instance and she will direct your query to the relevant person if she cannot answer your question.

Why are there no proxy forms?

There are no proxy forms due to the online format of this year’s AGM. This is a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.