Exciting plans to improve Killie TV output ahead of new season

We are excited to share with you our plans that will enhance supporters’ Killie TV experience.

Both domestic and international fans will see the added benefit of being a Killie TV subscriber, with an added focus on our offerings going forward.

Our biggest new addition is a dedicated app, coming ahead of the new season, for the Killie TV platform for your phones and smart devices, which will come included in your subscription price.

This app will allow you to watch our content on the go, in the palm of your hand, and international subscribers will have the benefit of watching live matches on the app.

We have also launched a new website with a much slicker interface which will improve the user experience.

On top of these improvements, we will be increasing the amount of content output on Killie TV.

We will be providing additional behind the scenes content, exclusive interviews, and more regular content throughout the season, to add to our already fantastic social media output.

Killie TV will be a one-stop shop for all of our content to be viewed in the same place.

We are also working on providing regular feature-length documentaries throughout the new season, this will be a unique look at things you don’t usually see from Rugby Park, behind the scenes and so much more.

Another feature we are aiming to implement will be a history corner, which will cover all sorts of incredible memories from over the years at this special club, this will be a fantastic opportunity for fans of all ages to relive the highs, and perhaps lows, of our proud history.

All of this, and so much more, will provide fans with an insight to the club that has never been seen before.

Plenty of our content will be free to view to ‘free’ subscribers to Killie TV, but to support the club and gain access to the best premium content, including audio coverage (UK subscribers) and live match coverage (international subscribers), and our bespoke documentaries, we’d recommend a paid subscription.

For the first time ever we’re increasing the price of Killie TV, but we hope you’ll understand this with the additional benefits we’re striving to provide to supporters.

Having reviewed pricing of other clubs’ platforms, we aimed to pick a fair price which is cheaper than a number of our rivals.

New pricing

UK subscribers: £6.99/month or £73.99/year

International subscribers: £16.99/month or £179.99/year