Club Statement: Kyle Lafferty

Kilmarnock Football Club have accepted a 10-match ban that has been served to Kyle Lafferty by the Scottish Football Association, on top of the club’s own disciplinary action.

Following conclusion of the Scottish Football Association’s investigation, Kyle Lafferty wishes to share the following statement:

“I want to deeply apologise to the club, supporters and my family for the distress caused over the past month. I totally acknowledge that my reaction to the incident was completely out of order. There is no excuse, it’s something that I immediately regretted and have been embarrassed about ever since. I absolutely accept that I should not have responded to provocation in that manner.

“I placed myself in a position that has been very difficult to deal with, so I’m now determined to work with Nil By Mouth to ensure that others, particularly the youngsters at the club, learn from my mistake and avoid putting themselves in any type of similar situation in the future.”

Kilmarnock Football Club and Scotland’s leading anti-sectarian charity, Nil By Mouth, will continue to work with Kyle, as well as members of the club’s first team and academy squads, to provide education and deliver training that has been developed to tackle the issue of sectarianism in society.

In addition to working closely with Nil by Mouth, Kyle has committed to assisting Kilmarnock’s ‘Football for All’ programmes on a weekly basis.

The club would once again like to thank Nil by Mouth for their continued support.