Club Gear Up For 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

Kilmarnock FC are pedalling excitement for Scotland’s hosting of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships through introduction of new bike shelter racks which will support the competition’s legacy by facilitating bicycle travel to Premiership matches in Ayrshire.

The development of two shelters at The BBSP Stadium, Rugby Park is enabling the club to promote active mobility as part of their matchday transportation strategy, in anticipation of increased cycling participation following the inaugural multi-discipline championships in August.

Driven by the Killie Trust, funding for the instillations was secured via Cycling Scotland. Club partners including training wear sponsor Hamilton Tarmac subsequently joined the club in saddling up for the Summer by laying groundwork for both instillations, which are now situated outside of the Frank Beattie and Chadwick stands.

In line with UCI’s sustainability goals, the club has set out to support reduction of carbon emissions and enhancement of air quality, while promoting a method of matchday transport which brings physical health benefits. Encouraging local fans to travel by bike also significantly reduces the flows of traffic to and from games, providing potential to improve accessibility of the stadium.

With transport playing an important role in the matchday experience of supporters, staff and volunteers alike, Kilmarnock aims to set the pace for Scottish clubs encouraging uptake in the activity, by facilitating an efficient and cost-effective means to access Rugby Park.

Moving forward, the Killie Trust will work in partnership with the Travel Hub, Kilmarnock to organise cycling events and activities to engage the community, encourage physical activity and help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Craig Burn, Director of Strategy and Policy Impact, 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, said “It’s brilliant to see Scottish football join in the excitement and inspiration of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships is bringing to Scotland.

“The UCI World Championships will leave a lasting legacy of cycling and active travel across the country and we are delighted to see Kilmarnock Football Club invest in facilities to make it easier for fans to choose to travel sustainably to matches”.

Cathy Jamieson, Trust Board Director, commented: “As a club, we’re continually upgrading our physical infrastructure, with several Killie Trust backed projects helping to evolve the stadium in recent years. The new bike shelters will not only improve the matchday experience for supporters and local residents, but also increase engagement opportunities with the wider community.

“We’re hoping that the upcoming UCI Cycling Championships will inspire supporters of all ages to race to Rugby Park!”

Raymond Montgomerie, Kilmarnock Football Club Ambassador, added: “We’re proud to play our part in supporting a legacy that will be built upon Scotland’s hosting of one of this year’s major sporting events. Football and cycling are both very close to my heart and I hope that this project will encourage locals to consider alternative methods of travel to games. There are so many benefits of sports working together to promote active lifestyles.”