Ayrshire Derby Stadium Information

Ahead of the second Ayrshire Derby of the season, Ayr United have issued the following information for our supporters travelling to Somerset Park.

Arrival Times

Our hosts have put in force staggered arrival times.

They are asking fans to arrive at the allocated time for the area of the Stadium that your ticket(s) is/are for:

Railway End: Please arrive between 6.15pm and 6.30pm

West Stand: Please arrive between 6.30pm and 6.45pm

We understand and have made Ayr United aware that not all supporters may be able to reach the ground at these times.

Turnstile Entry:

Please bring your match ticket pdf either printed or shown on your phone and present it at the Turnstile to be permitted entry to the Stadium.

Railway End Tickets: Please enter through Turnstile 2, 3 or 5

West Stand Tickets: Please enter through Turnstile 9 or 10

Turnstiles will only accept tickets for the correct area as above so please make sure to go to one of the Turnstiles that are for your ticket(s).

Covid Vaccine Passport

Spot checks of Covid Vaccine Passport will be in force for this match. These will take place at check-points ahead of arrival at the turnstile. Please arrive early to help reduce queues.

Supporters are requested to bring their vaccine status with them and be prepared for it to be checked.

All supporters should bring their vaccine status with them to the Stadium, even if they send proof via email, as they may still receive a spot-check.

Supporters may be refused entry to the Stadium if they do not have their vaccine status. Under 18s are exempt from providing their vaccine status.

If you haven’t obtained your Covid Vaccine Passport yet, then please visit the following link:


Covid Protocols

  • Please wear a face covering whilst entering the Stadium, queuing at Kiosks and Toilets and whilst moving around internal areas of the Stadium.
  • Wash your hands and sanitise regularly
  • Do not attend the match if you have any symptoms of Covid-19

Unacceptable Conduct and Ground Regulations

Please at all times comply with our Unacceptable Conduct Policy and Ground Regulations.

Ayr United’s Unacceptable Conduct Policy

Ground Regulations

Flags are permitted but the canes/poles are not permitted. All flags will be checked prior to entry.

Surfing flags are not permitted.

After the match

Staggered departures will be in force. Please listen out for the PA announcements.