Angelo wants two players for each position

Angelo Alessio is eyeing further additions to his Killie squad with just over a week of the summer transfer window remaining.

Niko Hamalainen became our fifth close season addition earlier this week and the Killie boss set out how he wants his playing pool to look at the end of September 2.

He said: “I want two players for every position. We have Greg Taylor at left-back and now we have Hamalainen.

“There are 10 or 11 days left of the market but we know our situation with Greg Taylor. It’s only rumours.

“I’ve spoken a lot of times about this situation with the board and Billy Bowie. We agree that we want to keep our best players. It’s an easy situation.

“Greg is a good player in my team and I don’t want to think about him going away.

“We’re pleased to have Niko here. He’s young and athletic and we believe he can be a good addition.”