In April 2017, the Trust launched the ‘Trust In Killie’ initiative.

By taking pledges from Kilmarnock fans from right around the world, our first target was to raise £100,000 to buy unallocated shares in Killie and put a supporter on the board of the club as a full and equal director.

This was achieved on 31st May 2018, when Trust Board Director Cathy Jamieson was appointed to the Board of Kilmarnock Football Club and she is the currently the voice of our members at our Club’s decision-making table.

Following this historic achievement, we are building on the success of the ‘Trust in Killie’ campaign, generating more funds for our Club. The next chapter of this success story is about to be completed with the installation of safe standing areas at Rugby Park and also a platform for wheelchair users which will afford them a better view at matches.

Every pound donated to our ’Trust in Killie’ campaign buys a share in Kilmarnock Football Club, held for the benefit of all supporters and the community. Trust members are shareholders in the Trust and as such will be in control of our club shareholding via the Trust Board.

We are now the Club’s third largest shareholder with around 200,000 shares. Money raised will continually be utilised for supporter led projects which also benefit the Club.

Of course you do not need to be a Trust member to donate to our ‘Trust in Killie’ campaign but by joining the Trustyou will have a future say in who represents you on the board and be able to take part in any votes to decide on the future direction of the Trust as well as how any funds will be spent.

If you would like to contribute, you can sign up to our ‘Trust in Killie’ campaign here.