Directors, managers and players come and go but supporters stay with the club forever. Supporting our club is an emotional thing. You can change many things in your life but once you have selected your club then that’s it, you have to experience the ups and downs that go with your choice. Our Trust gives the rank and file supporter the opportunity to be part of our Club and to have a greater say in how our Club is run.

The Killie Trust was established in 2003 to promote, develop and support Kilmarnock Football Club and sport within the community and to bring our supporters closer to the Club and give fans a voice in its decision making process.

Since our inception, we have increasingly built momentum to achieve this.

Any business or projects carried out by the Trust is conducted for the benefit of the Community and not for the profit of our members.
We are run by a Board of Directors, on behalf of our members, who serve for a two-year term and are elected at the AGM by the members. The current Directors have a wide range of skills and experience and are employed in the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors.
Membership brings you a share of our vision and a stake in the future of our club and community. Membership gives you a voice in how the money raised by the Trust will be spent. It also gives you a voice in the running of the Trust and could ultimately give you a say in the running of Kilmarnock FC.

You can join the Trust for an annual fee of £10 for adults via to our website, using our GoCardless system to pay your membership.