A growing part of Kilmarnock Football Club, KCST pride ourselves on our work with youth in the community.

We believe in the importance of our connection and relationships with youth groups in the Ayrshire community. Through our KCST programme, we work with various groups of young people to promote health and wellbeing through fun activities.

School Programmes

747 footballing hours, 719 primary kids engaging in football activity.

Our school programme is a four-week project to the four different East Ayrshire clusters in partnership with Active Schools.

This allows KCST coaches to go into our local primary schools and deliver fun football taster sessions for primaries 1-7 and engage the whole school in physical activity and, more importantly, creating that Kilmarnock FC and community link.

Tartan Army Children’s Charity

The Tartan Army Children’s Charity (TACC) help fund a scheme where a group of young people come to the stadium and receive a hot two-course meal and a football session on the hallowed Rugby Park pitch.

This funding allows the children to be brought from their school to the ground whilst providing a KCST kit, followed by a session from one of our KCST community coaches.

Every week, each group of children attend the course for a full term and have the opportunity to increase their skill base with a session dedicated to their age and ability. Following the success of this project, three girls from the most recent group have taken up football and have joined local girls’ clubs in the area.

Go Fitba

This is a 12-week programme funded by the Scottish Football Partnership. It is a two-hour educational and football session delivered to 16 local youngsters.

The young people are picked up and dropped off at their school. The KCST coaches deliver all sessions at Rugby Park. The sessions consist of motor movements, social interaction and team building skills. These skills are incorporated within the skills-based football sessions, which are led by the SFP. After training, youngsters are treated to a two-course meal which includes fruit and soup for a starter followed by a healthy, balanced main meal. Finally, the young people get to learn about the importance of the food they eat during each session.

Mini Kickers

Mini Kickers allows children to enter the game of football at the age of three. We aim to develop and progress core skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting whilst also improving their ABCs – agility, balance & co-ordination.

We use various themes such as being at the beach, pirates, dinosaurs and favourite football players to keep the youngsters engaged throughout the 45-minute sessions. Here are the following Mini Kicker classes we provide:

Mini Kickers (3-5 years old)

  • Monday – Stewarton Sports Centre – 5-5:45pm
  • Tuesday – Northwest Centre – 4-4:45pm
  • Wednesday – St Joseph’s Academy – 5-5:45pm
  • Friday – Grange Academy – 4-4:45pm & 5-5:45pm

Football Centres

We have also launched our Football Centres – this is the next step in the development pathway for youngsters who want to continue their journey into football.

After getting to grips with the basics from the Mini Kickers class, we aim to introduce new aspects of the game such more progressive SAQs (speed, agility and quickness) drills and the importance to have a ball at your feet. Whilst still incorporating an element of fun, the centres lead the children into a more in-depth skills programme.

Football Centres (5-12 years old)

  • Monday – Rugby Park – 4:45-5:45pm
  • Wednesday – St Joseph’s – 5-6pm