Kilmarnock FC Memorial Garden

The Kilmarnock FC Memorial Garden was officially dedicated on 1st November 2021 and we propose the following method to allow fans to purchase plaques and a portion of the ashes can be interred in the garden.

In order to be interred in the Garden, those interested should complete the application form, which will then be sent to the commercial team for review.

Allen Kyle will be the lead contact from the commercial team who can then liaise with Raymond, Emma & James.

Our personalised engraved plaques offer the opportunity to honour a friend or loved one. These plaques, which are placed on the walls of our Memorial Garden at Rugby Park, are a beautiful and fitting tribute to generations of Killie supporters and a permanent reminder to future generations to come.

The Memorial Garden Plaques are made from brushed polished, stainless steel, are 19cm x 18cm in size and are available for £200.

When your order is complete, we will be in touch to advise when the plaque will be available to view in the garden.

Please note, it could take up for 4 weeks for us to contact you about your plaque ceremony.

Memorial Garden Package

  • A dedicated service with Club Chaplain James McNay.
  • A portion of the ashes to be interred during the service.
  • Representation from Club Officials
  • A Memorial Plaque on the wall in cut granite.

Total Cost £350 + VAT

Please note, if you would like a function to accompany your service, this can be booked in addition to the package.

Memorial Garden Package – Plaque Only

  • A portion of the ashes to be interred in the garden, during an agreed time with club representation.
  • A Memorial Plaque on the wall in cut Granite.

Total Cost £200 + VAT

We can also offer a catered service in addition to our Memorial Garden Package.

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