Steve Clarke: We've brought pride back to Killie

Steve Clarke: We've brought pride back to Killie

in #KillieStories December 7, 2018

Steve Clarke believes he and his team have helped make Kilmarnock fans proud of their club again as we head to Celtic Park sitting top of the league.

Killie are top of the tree as we head to Glasgow's east end to face the champions and while Clarke played down any title talk in favour of focusing on Saturday's task, he did reveal his pride at how his squad has performed over the past year.

"The most important thing for Kilmarnock as a football club and as a town is that we’ve given a little bit of pride back to the area.

"The club is in a better place than it was 14 months ago and that’s the most important thing. The rest of the chat about being top of the league, great runs and great calendar years is really quite irrelevant.

"The fact the supporters come to the games now looking forward to watching the team, that’s important to me.

"I know a lot of people in the area who are happy just now and there are many Kilmarnock fans who are if you like not living the dream but dreaming about the possibility that we can do great things.

"They are allowed to do that, they are supporters. We have to allow them to think about crazy things. We have to keep our feet on the ground.

"It's a difficult game tomorrow and all I look for is that we meet our own high standards. If we do that then you never know." 

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