Trust In Killie

Trust In Killie

in #KillieStories April 14, 2017

Killie Fans Can Make History with £100,000 Fundraising Campaign


Killie supporters can help make history by backing a campaign to have a fan-elected Director join the board of Kilmarnock FC.

‘Trust in Killie’ will be launched at this evening's match against Hearts. Organised by the Kilmarnock Supporters Society (also known as The Killie Trust), the campaign aims to raise £100,000 to purchase unallocated shares in the Club.

It follows an agreement made last year with Kilmarnock FC’s board which would see a Supporters’ Society representative take a seat on the Club’s Board of Directors. As well as giving fans a real voice in the operational running of the Club, the elected Supporter Director will ensure there is a meaningful link between the Board and fans, whilst providing a stepping stone towards greater community ownership. Now, with due diligence completed and with the full support of the Club, the Trust in Killie campaign will be launched at Rugby Park on Friday 14th.

Jim Thomson Chairman of the Killie Trust and John Kiltie, Director of Kilmarnock FC, will be joined by ex players at the Sports Bar to get the Trust in Killie campaign officially underway.

Fans will be able to sign up for Standard (£15 per month), Plus (£25 per month) or Premium (one off contribution) packages, with benefits ranging from their name on the Trust in Killie history board, to entry into prize draws for ‘money can’t buy’ memorabilia. Once the £100,000 is raised, the cash will be invested into the Club through the purchase of unallocated shares, and the Killie Trust will take a seat on the Board. This will be filled by a Supporter -Director elected by members of the Killie Trust.

Jim Thomson said: “After many years’ hard work, much negotiation and considerable due diligence, the Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society is delighted to finally be launching our fundraising campaign for a seat on the Board of Directors.

“This is an historic opportunity to affect meaningful change in the Club we all love and care passionately about, to re-energise the supporter community, and to safeguard the future of the oldest professional club in Scotland.
“We’ll also be unveiling details of our Trust in Killie History Board which will carry the names of the first fans to sign up for the campaign.”

A spokesman of Kilmarnock FC, added: ‘The Board of Kilmarnock Football Club have been working with The Killie Trust to help shape Trust in Killie and are delighted to support this initiative. The inclusion of a Supporter-Director on the Football Club board is an exciting prospect for us, the supporters and community.’

1. The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Limited (Killie Trust) was established in 2003 and is a not-for-profit                     organisation. It aims to promote, develop and support Kilmarnock Football Club and sport within the community. It is run by a Board of 10 Directors, elected for a three year term by Trust members. Membership currently stands at over 300.

2. To enable as many people as possible to participate, Trust in Killie will offer two bands for regular contribution: £15 per month and £25 per month. One off contributions of £3000 will be available (limited to 20 contributors). Should 334 Killie supporters contribute £25 per month, the £100,000 target will be achieved within a year.

3. You do not need to be a Killie Trust member to contribute. However, only Trust members will be eligible to vote for the Supporter Director. Membership of the Killie Trust is from £10 per annum.

4. Payments may be made online through GoCardless, a BACs-approved bureau.

5.Supporters can sign up for Trust in Killie in person at Rugby Park or online at