Miles Addison Interview

Miles Addison Interview

in #KillieStories June 24, 2016

Miles Addison joined Kilmarnock Football Club on 29 March 2016, and agreed a new 3 year deal with the club in July. 

His excitement to remain with the club was clear as we discussed his contract, “It is brilliant, especially the length.”

Having worked with Lee Clark during a loan spell at Blackpool, he believes that the enthusiasm and energy we saw from Lee Clark will only increase next season, “The manager wants to bring good times to this club. Next season he could be a bit more animated, it will be his team now he has made his stamp on it. As a player he was a fighter and I think you will see a fighting team this season.”


At 27, Miles is one of the older players on the side and will be setting the pace for younger members of the team such as Martin Smith, Adam Frizzell and Josh Webb with Spain acting as an opportunity to help them settle in, “The new players have really got to hit the ground running as soon as possible. Training in Spain will be a tough week but it is a chance to get to know each other. After that we can start putting the finishing touches to the rest of the team.”

Looking forward to the new season he wants to push the team and help achieve a higher table position, “I have similar goals to the manager in the long term. I just want to leave the team in a better place. I want to have a great time and keep on playing football so I will give everything I’ve got.”


To the fans he said thank you for the welcome he received in February, “Thank you for all your support and for making me feel welcome from my first game to the last game of the season. Thank you.”